The Place of Love in Shalom Bayit and Wholeness

This morning we learned that in Hebrew, ‘peace’ and ‘wholeness’ share the same root, which means they share some connection. The Hebrew language is fascinating and so rich in meaning. The mere choice of a word for a given concept, its mere expression, can provide us with deep revelations and insight into the truths of life. Hebrew is that rich. For example, while we say in English that love is not enough to maintain a relationship, I would not say the same in Hebrew. “I love you” in English, is an expression of a feeling that I sense and experience deep inside of me; it’s about me. If I say the same words in Hebrew, the true meaning is very different.

The word ‘love’ in Hebrew shares the same root as the verb: to bring (Hav). Interestingly not a feeling, but an action. So loving someone requires me to take action. “I love you,” literally translates in Hebrew as “I bring you,” i.e., “I bring to you.” It’s all about the other person.

This morning, we talked about the fact that a successful relationship requires us to do for the other. Though we start separate, as we DO for one another, we grow closer. We strive for peace and wholeness.

As we saw, the words peace and wholeness in Hebrew share the same root, which means, meaning that both concepts share a common origin. They have the same source. What if then to achieve a peaceful, successful relationship meant also achieving a certain wholeness? Wholeness in the relationship itself, but also within yourself. When you are whole with something, it means you are one with it, no longer separate from it and thus also at peace with it.

When you come to a relationship from a place within you, of wholeness and inner peace, you can achieve Shalom Bayit with more ease than when you come fragmented. Our internal starting point, therefore, impacts our relationships with others, perhaps it is even an expression of it. What if our relationships with others served as a mirror for our relationship with ourselves? It would mean that by doing for ourselves, growing and becoming better versions of ourselves, we also impact all of our relationships. By improving our relationship with ourselves, we improve our relationship with others. By becoming whole from within, we can ultimately become whole with another. We can achieve Shalom Bayit.

Now that is powerful!

Martine Cohen
Montreal, QC, Canada


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