Momentum Grand

Momentum Grand is an exclusive, transformational, spiritual, and uplifting journey for women looking to invest in themselves and help us continue to build the Momentum movement. During Momentum Grand, women explore the beauty of Israel in a mindful, body and soul journey and will discover their purpose and legacy through the wisdom of world-class Jewish educators.


Participants will experience intimate meetings with Israel’s top leaders, behind-the-scenes tours of Israel’s stunning sites, and participate in fascinating classes while enjoying luxury accommodations and the best of Israeli cuisine. Download our flyer here.

Please note: This trip is not subsidized.

This years trip:

November 2-8, 2021

Your Trip Leader

Adrienne Gold

Adrienne is a Momentum Trip Leader.


A fixture on Canadian television for more than 15 years, Adrienne served as host of her own daily fashion and beauty program, and as a regular contributor on many others. After taking a ‘life-changing’ trip to Israel, she found herself captivated by the spiritual wisdom of Judaism, and wanted to share that wisdom! Adrienne has spent the past 15 years as Senior Lecturer and Community Liaison for The Village Shul in Toronto, while also lecturing around the world. Today, in addition to leading MOMentum Trips, she helps Momentum partners work with participants to light the spark before trips and keep the flame alive after trips.


Adrienne lives almost half the year in Israel and the other half in Toronto. She and her husband have two sons.

Sample Itinerary

I could only describe Momentum Grand as transformative. It is educational, spiritual, mindful, and a complete body and soul experience. I was privileged to meet amazing women from all over the globe, to be taught by world-class, engaging, dynamic educators, and to see Israel in a way that all women should be able to experience. Lauren, Westchester, NY
"As a fairly seasoned Israel-goer, I did not have expectations of experiencing anything much out of the box. But to the contrary, our Momentum Grand journey was EXTRAordinary in every way. All of our needs, logistical, administrative and both physical and spiritual comfort-wise, were anticipated and seamlessly executed. Momentum Grand participants were not just 'taken care of' we were loved, valued and cherished." Sharon Taffet, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, USA
I went on a Momentum Grand journey and came back on a mission! We experienced Israel, the people, the sites, the spirituality, the Judaism and the philanthropy together. In a quick moment, the other women became my soul sisters and my friends for life. Each and every one of them touched me. I saw them and they saw me and together, we saw ourselves as powerful Jewish women. This is a life-changing experience that will affect your family, friends, and all the people in your world. Our trip leader, Adrienne Davis Gold, was inspiring and funny and spoke about the power that lives inside each of us. She taught us how we can use this power to benefit ourselves, our families, our communities and eventually, the world. Lori, Ocean Township, NJ
The Momentum Grand trip was much more than expected. I came away uplifted from teachings, spirituality and everlasting friendships. Elaine, Rochester, NY
Momentum Grand is an exceptional upscale opportunity for Jewish women to connect on a journey of discovery of themselves and the very best of Israel. Nina, Aspen, CO
Momentum Grand provides the tools to tap into something incredibly beautiful deep inside your soul that you didn't realize was there. You come home with a feeling of love, inspiration, and motivation to continue spreading the passion to others. It is too awesome not to share! Beth, New Jersey
Momentum Grand is a five-star learning adventure with unique access to important sites, special people and memorable experiences. It is a growth journey for Jewish women who want to invest in a world-class trip and movement. Raquel, Omaha, NE
Nothing could have prepared me for the laughter, the tears, the compassion, the learning, the Ruach, the bonding, and the magic. As a fairly seasoned Israel-goer, I did not have expectations of experiencing anything much out of the box. But to the contrary, our Grand Momentum journey was EXTRAordinary in every way. Momentum Grand participants were not just “taken care of” we were loved, valued and cherished. Sharon- Philadelphia, PA
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When is the trip?

The trip begins in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021, and ends on Mon. Nov. 8, 2021. Airline reservations for departure should be made after 11 pm on Mon., Nov. 8th.

How much does the trip cost?

Land Package Cost: $5,500/person in double room; $1,500 Single Supplement

What does the trip include?

The trip includes Hotel (6 nights), Breakfast, Ground Transportation, Fees, and Group Meals.
The Trip Does NOT include air travel to/from israel, tips, some meals, and travel insurance.

What is the itinerary?

Download a sample itinerary here (subject to change)

What do you recommend I pack for the trip?

How can I book extra hotel nights, before and after the trip?

Please contact GoInspire 

Is there time to shop?

Of course! There are many opportunities to shop nearly every day. Every dollar you spend infuses capital into the Israeli economy.

Want more information?

Invest in yourself and join in building the Momentum Movement.  To reserve your space, contact Andrea Gottlieb at


Choose your Journey

For Jewish mothers with children age 18* and under

FREE (excl. airfare)

Each woman receives a $3700 scholarship

Partner organization contributes $700 per woman

The Israeli Government contributes $700 per woman

To participate in the Momentum Year-Long Journey, women must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application

*For 2021, applicants may have children ages 21 and under to participate


Mainly for the husbands of Momentum sisters

$900 for Momentum husbands

Each man get a scholarship of $2,100-$2,400

Partner Organization contributes $700 per man

The Israeli Government does not contribute to the Men’s Trips

To participate, men must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application


Mothers of Lone Soldiers

Upcoming Trip: July 5, 2021

FREE (excl. airfare)

Each woman gets a $3,700 scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions


Momentum Grand

Upcoming Trip: November 2-8, 2021

Land Package Cost: $5,500/person in double room; $1,500 Single Supplement