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Safe, I Whispered to Myself You Are Safe.

A Day in the Life of an Israeli MOM: Rina Zitser

My name is Rina; I am 56, a mother of 3 sons, and a grandma to a 2.5-year-old.

A new count has begun on Saturday, Oct 6:30 a.m.

BBS- Before Black Saturday, ABS- After Black Saturday.

Two weeks BBS, we became empty-nesters when our youngest moved to Europe for an exchange students program. My calendar was filled with exciting mentoring sessions and workshops (as an organizational change consultant.) and a trip to an exotic destination.

My life was beautifully and comfortably planned until it wasn’t.

I live in Ra’anana, so when the siren broke on Saturday, on Sukkot at 6: 30 a.m.,It was clear that something was terribly wrong.

We jumped out of bed and rushed outside to the staircase in our building since we don’t have a safe room. I called my sons, one in Tel Aviv and one in Ramat Gan. No one answered. Panic.

Finally, they answered. They just left the phone when they rushed to safety.

I am the lucky one. My family and I are safe.

My two sons are in the army. My pregnant daughter-in-law, my grandson, and their dog, Peacock, live with us. I am self-employed without employment, a full-time grandma, and a change expert relearning to handle extreme change…

I am not allowed to complain. Others suffer more.

So, I carry in silence the guilt of the survivors.

Last week, while I was driving back from packing packages for our soldiers, with goods sent by generous Jews worldwide, the siren broke—another Rocket attack.

I stopped my car and lay on the road, my hands protecting my head.

Russian Roulette. Hamas style.

Safe, I whispered to myself You are safe.

Whatever that word means…


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