Catching Up With Lori

I Love Solvable Problems

I may not have the answers or resources to solve them immediately, but when God puts a challenge before me, I am relieved when they are the ones that are solvable.

Last week was an example of such challenges. Our son lives in a small extra apartment that we made on our property. One day there was: an electrical blackout in both our home and the apartment, a broken toilet in his apartment, a subsequent sewage flood in the apartment (we are still not sure which caused what), and two of our kids (who don’t live with us) got Covid… all of this within 24 hours of each other during an increased Seger, lockdown, in Israel (!)

I may have flipped out a bit in the past, but thankfully my default somehow was calm, knowing that we would deal with each challenge together, as each one was ultimately solvable.

First, I davened — prayed — that God would help us restore the power (“Yes, God, I know You alone have all the power. Please bring our electricity back so that I can work and be your Shaliach, messenger, in this world….”)

Next, find an electrician — not easy to find immediately as the lockdown was just hours away, but after messaging a few people, we got the names and numbers of three and found one who agreed to come over. Electricity restored, I was back online just in time for important meetings and a government conference.

Our poor son was beside himself with the damage downstairs, so we moved him up into our home and began the process of cleaning and (I’m not kidding) 18 loads of laundry. I was dancing and clapping at the fulfillment of the promise that God sends the Refuah (solution) before the Maka (challenge), as we had just purchased a new washing machine during the Black Friday sales. Our old one (that needed a kick in order to start) would never have handled these loads.

Our contractor came over and assessed the problem and began to fix what he could, and ordered a part to complete the repairs that we are still waiting on.

In the meantime, I began cooking to send food to our Covid kids (who are now recovered, thank God).

On Shabbat morning (the time my husband and I have our best conversations), we both agreed it was a week where we were able to work together and show our kids that we are always there for them, no matter what. We reviewed the HP (Higher Power) aspects of it all and were filled with gratitude.

Some challenges are not solvable– like the death of a loved one. Those are the ones we pray we never get, but life doesn’t work like that. No one lives forever. But hopefully, the strength and connection that we received from these solvable challenges will ultimately help see us through.


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