Chaim – Bracha – Tov – I can relate!

We began our day earlier. I haven’t slept much, to be honest, and am going on three hours of sleep last night.

But I was excited to hear all of the inspirational speakers today. We began learning this morning about the Jewish value of courage. It’s funny because the first thing we did not on tour per se, but that I did on this trip was going to Ammunition Hill and learn about the young youth group who were pivotal in making 2.25 million bullets over three years in secret.

Now, we begin today with the discussion of courage.

I think I need to be courageous for the heat I have in store and to soak up everything on seven hours of sleep in 50 plus hours, and so the day begins…

We learn about three personality traits – Chaims, Brachas, and Tovs. Both in body and the soul. I am fascinated by the soul and thoroughly interested in all the day has in store at this point.

Our incredible speaker starts to describe Chaims – the innovators of our society. The creators. The thinkers. The introverts. The “geeks.” She spoke about how it may be hard to parent a Chaim and how it might be hard to be married to a Chaim. I find myself laughing, literally, out loud. Zachary, my son, and eldest child has ADHD and is brilliant, but of course, is a Chaim. And my husband, Adam, is also a Chaim. Ruchi – you’re preaching to the choir, honey!

She goes on to describe Brachas – those with a zest for life, passions, fun, extroverts, nurturing. My girls are Brachas in many ways And I am sometimes. I mean, I am a Jewish mother.

But then she describes the Tov- organized, anal, sometimes judgemental, always checking off and making lists. S**t, that’s me.

Ok, where will this day take me…

We hear from the most incredible woman who has brought water and power to over 1.5 people in Africa. An Israeli mother of three who is just about my age. Ok, how unaccomplished do I feel, I’m thinking. But then I remember, we are on a judgment-free trip, and I snap out of it.

We then take a tour of the city, and it’s sweltering hot and I honestly, have to fan the sweat and stay hydrated.

We then have free time, and I buy my Chaim a Star of David necklace- his only request from my travels. After which I buy my girls bracelets because I, of course, need to get them something.

I then find an air-conditioned juice shop to stay cool for the remainder of my free time before heading back to the Stock Exchange building.

I think I’m losing it, but I perk up when we go into the innovation center. OMG, it’s insane!!! The Israelis are at the forefront of everything. I think my Chaim needs to come here one day. Perhaps this is where he will reach his full potential.

I always say, Zachary is at times my greatest challenge, but one day he will be my greatest gift…

Is that what today was meant to show me????

Cori Zweibel
Livingston, New Jersey


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