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Baltimore Musings

Sunday, July 10

The travel day began for most of us with a train ride to Newark airport. Anticipation was in the air!

When we met up at the gate, our wonderful leaders gave us each a dollar for tzedakah, a traveler’s prayer, and a beautiful welcome letter explaining both customs. Took a quick group pic, waited in a huge line, and boarded! We will meet 3 of our ladies in Israel!

Once we landed in Israel, we were so excited (even though most of us didn’t sleep on the flight). Got a warm welcome and photo shoot from Momentum staff, grabbed coffee, and boarded the bus to go to our hotel!

We had time for lunch by the sea and to primp and chill before our 4:45 departure to the opening session.

The opening reception was at East, which was a beautiful venue…had appetizers and wine, saw Adrienne Gold, heard from Lori Palatnik and our trip leader Eve Levy. Great stories and learning from both. Ate dinner, danced a lot, and had a great time. Everyone loosened up quickly! Posed for city group pictures, had dessert, got back to hotel around 9:45pm, and everyone was ready for bed! Goodnight!


Tuesday, July 12

After a good night’s sleep and some long waits for the elevators, we met up at breakfast and enjoyed a fabulous full array of choices and much-needed coffee! Then boarded the bus to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Our Israeli friends gave us ankle bracelets and Keren taught us a little Hebrew. Next we listened to Eve talk to us about her many fears and about today’s value, Courage. She taught us a dance, and then Danielle Abram talked to us about the amazing Israeli agricultural innovation that allowed the desert to bloom. She tied her talk into the theme of courage.

Next stop Ethiopian heritage center. Ashager told us her story, we learned some smooth dance moves (Mazel tov to our bride and groom Andrea and Kerri), and then tasted some delicious homemade Ethiopian food! What cool and fascinating stories she told us.

Many of us did a walking tour with Rivi. First stop was Shalom Tower (mosaic by Nathan Gutman). She gave us the history of Tel Aviv.

We then wandered around the shuk Hacarmel and Nachalat Binyamin area. Shopping and eating were on the agenda. Once everyone finally got back to the bus, we headed to the Anu Museum, on the campus of Tel Aviv University. The museum was really cool and we had some free time to check it out after Rivi gave us a brief overview. We also got iced coffee at Aroma (Baruch HaShem)!! Then it was reflection time outside where we discussed the day.

After reflection time we got back on the bus and went to dinner at the port at Meat & Eat. Headed to Jerusalem around 8pm after a long and fun day.

Lisa Sparks
Baltimore, MD – TJJ for Moms Atlantic Seaboard


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