If You Will It – It Is No Dream

There are not even enough words to explain how meaningful today was. From the start at Yad Vashem to the celebrations of Bnot Mitzvot, the tears were flowing, and the smiles were priceless.

Yad Vashem was both sad yet heartwarming as we learned about all the sadness, devastation, frustration, and about the heroes that sacrificed so much to help those that were suffering. It was extremely touching to read the letters, view the objects, hear the video recordings, and so much more. The children’s area gave chills down our spines, but the statue of the incredible man that took such good care of many children helped to give us a good feeling. It was interesting to learn about the triangular shape of the museum and why it is shaped like that… To feel the darkness that existed during this challenging time. As my group reflected on these powerful moments, and ending with Hatikvah made me appreciate what I have and long for doing whatever needs to be done to prevent this Shoah from happening again.

Visiting Har Herzl was touching as we remembered the great Theodor Herzl and many other important leaders and soldiers. It was motivating to learn the stories of success and dedication of this wonderful man and others that made a difference in Zionism.

Because of this powerful man who never gave up, the State of Israel was established. “If you will it – it is no dream. If you do not will it, a dream it is and a dream it will stay.” I am so thankful this man had this dream!

The day continued with a tour of the Old City. Going up and going down, looking all around, beautiful views, adorable children, delicious aromas, etc. “The Old City of Jerusalem has been a center of culture, religion, and history for thousands of years, from the time of the Judean kings and the Roman era through the Islamic Empire to the modern State of Israel.” To think that so much exists in this very holy place makes me feel so lucky to be Jewish.

Group Photo

To end our day, Nili shared powerful information. She described the location of where I was as the holiest spot in Jewish history.. facing the Kotel. She shared about prayer and how prayer is different for everyone. She encouraged all of us to “Be you, to be real, to be ourselves” as we wrote our prayers to put in the wall. Walking silently, feeling the love, hearing the sounds of prayer, and connecting to the Kotel made this journey to Israel well worth it!

Lori Becker
Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El
Plantation, FL


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