Catching Up With Lori

We Chose Life

You may or may not have noticed that there was no “Catching Up” from me last week, which will explain why…

After over two years of being super careful, my husband and I finally got Covid. I will count our blessings this week, as there is much to be grateful for.

Thank you, Hashem, for:

  • Dr. Drew Weissman and his team at Penn that modified the mRNA basis for the creation of the vaccines that saved the world. Being vaccinated does not prevent you from getting the virus, but it will almost 100% prevent you from dying.
  • Israel, for being the lead on vaccinations, saving countless lives, and setting the bar for the rest of the world.
  • Our kids in Israel who stepped up to help their sick parents, and our kids abroad who called and sent countless inquiries as to how we were doing.
  • Friends everywhere who kept us in their prayers sent loving notes (including homemade chicken soup and one fruit platter that we lived on for days).

When Covid first hit, the people who were initially and rapidly dying looked like my husband– older, many with underlying conditions. Nine years ago, my husband had open-heart surgery. His cardiologist told him: “Don’t get this.” I remember calling up our kids and telling them that I was shutting it down, and my #1 job was to keep their Abba alive. I was on it. Their job was to keep his spirits high– love him, learn with him, and daven (pray) for him.

We all did our jobs, the vaccines did theirs, and one week since it hit me, I am not 100%, but getting there. My husband is 2-3 days behind me.

We are deeply grateful to have gotten through it together, this past week and these past two years.

We chose Life. And I cry as I write this…. we are eternally grateful that, in turn, Life chose us.


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Mother to Mother Israel Unity Mission
March 12-17, 2024 | May 13-19, 2024 | July 2-7, 2024

Join our leadership, alumnae, and our partner organizations in supporting our sisters and their families with love, strength, and taking action.


Unity Mission for Men
March 12-17, 2024 | May 13-19, 2024

Momentum leadership, alumni and fathers of lone soldiers are embarking on this critical mission to support our fellow Israeli fathers, brothers, and their families, as we take action and bring them spiritual strength.


For Jewish mothers with children age 18 and under

FREE (excl. airfare)

Each woman receives a $3650 scholarship

Partner organization contributes $800 per woman

The Israeli Government contributes $700 per woman

To participate in the Momentum Year-Long Journey, women must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application


Mainly for the husbands of Momentum sisters

$900 for Momentum husbands

Each man get a scholarship of $2,100-$2,400

Partner Organization contributes $700 per man

The Israeli Government does not contribute to the Men’s Trips

To participate, men must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application


Momentum Grand will take place November 4-11, 2024.

An exclusive, transformational, spiritual, and uplifting journey for women looking to invest in themselves and help us continue to build the Momentum movement.

Please note: This trip is not subsidized.