Momentum Trip Blog

Last two days with Baltimore!

Sunday, July 17

We started the day in class with Eve talking about love. Afterward, we sat outside (it was beautiful out!) to do group processing, and then we boarded bus #1 with Rivi, our awesome guide, to head to Tsfat!

 Rivi taught us about how and why Tsfat is a holy city and challenged us to take pics of the many different spellings of Tsfat.

 We ate the BEST Lachuch sandwich (a typical Yemen dish) for lunch. Then we shopped in the fabulous art galleries and shops. The next stop was the Mikvah of Tsfat, and we were so excited that Elisheva was still there!! She is so mystical and magical and really connects with all the women. 

 After a terrific day in a terrific city, we walked to a big hall called Red Khan for dinner. We ate and danced! We got back to our hotel at 10 pm, packed, and then most of us went on the patio for wine and pizza. Great way to end the last evening!!

Monday, July 18

After leaving our luggage in the hotel lobby and sadly enjoying our last Israeli breakfast, we boarded the bus bound for Yad Vashem (rescheduled from the President Biden-related cancellation last week). While there, one of our leaders saw a huge photo of her grandfather that she knew was there but wasn’t sure where. It was extra emotional for her on top of an already emotional day. We felt grateful we were able to get there.

After the incredible tour with David Sussman, we had the opportunity to eat and shop a little before heading to Hotel Orient for trip evaluations, letters to selves, etc. Next, the fabulous Pamela Claman addressed us, and then Eve recapped our trip and the values we learned all week. She reminded us that Judaism is not all or nothing.

We went to Neve Ilan for the closing reception and had a delicious dinner and wine took photos, heard speakers, and danced!

We learned that our Momentum trip would end, but it should never conclude.

Had to say tearful farewells to those staying in Israel and then got hustled onto the bus bound for the airport.  

This trip went by so quickly, but I think it touched each of us in some profound way. We all feel so grateful to have had this opportunity. Thank you, Atlantic Seaboard NCSY, and thank you, Momentum!!

With love and xoxo-
Lisa Sparks, on behalf of the Baltimore ladies (who FINALLY perfected their bus count off on the last day!)


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