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Momentum Founding Director Lori Palatnik has been chosen to light the “Diaspora” torch at the national ceremony for Israel’s 72nd Independence Day on April 28th. The ceremony honors Jewish leaders who have made a significant impact on the Jewish people. Each year, 12 torches are lit, each signifying a specific category. It is a tremendous honor to be selected to light a torch, and we’re thrilled that Lori will be lighting the torch on behalf of Jewish people around the world!

This year’s ceremony will focus on bringing together and unifying the varied voices in Israeli society – a cornerstone value of Momentum. The annual event usually brings together celebrity guests and dignitaries. Because of the pandemic, the ceremony will be broadcast internationally from Har Herzl with no live audience – but with millions watching from the comfort of their homes.

Israeli Minister of Culture Miri Regev, who selected Lori Patanik for this exciting opportunity, wrote, “Momentum works tirelessly to strengthen Jewish identity and connection to Israel through young mothers in their communities. Rebbetzin Lori is a leading, unique and exciting version of the ‘Queen of the Desert,’ a Zionist who loves Israel, two values for which Momentum never stops striving… Palatnik, who lives part-time in Jerusalem and part-time in Washington, is gifted with incredible qualities which enable her to create a strong connection with the varied voices in Israeli society, bearing the eternal and victorious relationship between us and our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora.”

Check out our featured article in the Jerusalem Post.

Last week, Lori was also included in Izzy’s “Global Jewish 100” list, which celebrates individuals who are moving Jewish culture forward.

Mazel tov to Lori and to the entire Momentum family. We feel so fortunate that Momentum is able to inspire Jewish individuals, families, and communities across the world.


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