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We invite you to be a part of one of our Momentum Retreats!

Modeled after our flagship MOMentum Trip to Israel, these three-day immersive experiences are thoughtfully designed to rejuvenate your spirit and engage your every sense as you soak up meaningful Jewish values.

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Embrace joy and gratitude! Breathe in the fresh outdoors, awaken your body and soul with music and movement, and experience blissful relaxation. Nourish yourself with wisdom from Momentum Educators and delicious Israeli food, while creating new friendships.


During the retreat, there will be learning in smaller groups each day for 30 minutes. These groups will form a cohort, learning and laughing together with a facilitator. The retreats will be followed up with 12 weeks of exploring gratitude with your cohort based on the new Momentum Gratitude Journal. Cohorts will continue to meet and learn together post-retreat led by the same facilitator once a month for 3 months.



Meet the Team

Los Angeles

Momentum Educator Ruchi Koval


Momentum Educator Adrienne Gold Davis

Mexico City

Momentum Educators Raquel Kirszenbaum and Jael Toledo

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"The most impactful part of this retreat was just being with other people. I feel like I haven't made a new friend in over a year. I am leaving here with so many wonderful connections and I am inspired by these women. I feel like they all gave me new purpose." Participant
"It was all so well connected it felt like one big session. It filled my soul and brought some much-needed people - sister time to my life. It made me think in new ways and challenged views I had in a non-threatening way." Participant
"Fantastic job on pulling this together in a meaningful and powerful way. I appreciate the opportunity to do this especially after the isolation of the pandemic." Participant
"Wow! I can not remember the last time that I had the thrill and life-altering sensation of trying something new. My very first Momentum experience and it will certainly not be my last." Participant
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Who may attend the Retreat?

The Momentum Retreat is open to Momentum alumni, 2020 and 2021 postponed trip participants, and new women to Momentum ideally with children aged 21 and under. There is an application process for each retreat. Those participants coming with a Momentum partner are our first priority.

Is Covid testing or vaccination required to attend the Retreat?

Full vaccination with an FDA-approved vaccine is required in order to attend the retreat. Proof of vaccination will need to be submitted prior to the retreat. A negative Covid 19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of the beginning of the retreat will be required.


Choose your Journey

For Jewish mothers with children age 18 and under

FREE (excl. airfare)

Each woman receives a $3650 scholarship

Partner organization contributes $800 per woman

The Israeli Government contributes $700 per woman

To participate in the Momentum Year-Long Journey, women must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application


Mainly for the husbands of Momentum sisters

$900 for Momentum husbands

Each man get a scholarship of $2,100-$2,400

Partner Organization contributes $700 per man

The Israeli Government does not contribute to the Men’s Trips

To participate, men must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application


Momentum Grand – October 23-30, 2023 –  is an exclusive, transformational, spiritual, and uplifting journey for women looking to invest in themselves and help us continue to build the Momentum movement.

Please note: This trip is not subsidized.