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Who may attend the Retreat?

The Momentum Retreat is open to Momentum alumni, 2020 postponed trip participants, and new women to Momentum with children under 21 years of age.

What time does the Retreat begin and end?

Registration begins at noon on Sunday with a light lunch and ends on Tuesday around 3 pm.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee includes participation in the Retreat, all meals, snack, supplies and double-occupancy accommodations.

Will all meals and snacks be provided?

3 lunches, 2 dinners, and 2 breakfasts plus snacks and water are included.

Do I get to choose my roommate?

Yes, you can select your roommate at registration. If you do not know anyone attending, we will assign a roommate to you.

If I do not have a roommate, will one be randomly assigned to me?

Registration is for double-occupancy accommodations. If you do not select a roommate at registration, we will assign one to you. Alternatively, you can select a single-occupancy room and pay the additional fee for this.

Can I pay for a single-occupancy room?

Yes, you can select this during the registration process and pay the additional fee for a single-occupancy room.

Will you accommodate food allergies?

We will do our utmost to accommodate food allergies if this information is given to us during the registration process.

If I cannot attend all three days of the retreat, can I attend only a portion of it?

Registration is only open to those who can commit to attend for the full three days.

When is the registration deadline?

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration deadline is 30 days prior to the Retreat date.

Will there be a waiting list if registration if full?

Yes, there will be a waiting list once we reach capacity. If space opens, we will notify those on the waiting list.

Is there a maximum number of registrants allowed?

Yes, due to space considerations and Covid, there is a maximum number of registrants allowed. This will differ based on the location of the Retreat, but generally each Retreat will have 60-80 participants.

Is there parking and how much does it cost?

Parking availability will vary by the location of the Retreat. Please see individual Retreat locations for details.

Should I bring a laptop?

A laptop is not needed for participation in the Retreat. You may choose to bring it if you wish. However, we recommend any electronic devices be kept with you or in a safe (depending on availability) for safety reasons.

English is not my native language. Will there be translation?

The Retreats in North America will be in English and there will not be translation provided however we are planning for Retreats outside North America in the future.

Will there be Retreats in cities not listed?

We are planning for future Retreats in additional cities in 2022. Please be in touch with your Community Leader or Partner Relationship Manager if you would like a Retreat in your city.

Can I travel to another city to join their Retreat if there is not a Retreat in my city?

We are limiting registration for Retreats to those who are in driving distance of each Retreat. However, we will allow participants to fly who are vaccinated. The Men’s Retreat is the exception because there is only one this year.

What safety pre-cautions for Covid will be in place?

We have Medical Advisors and will follow the local requirements in each city. All activities will be physically distanced.

Will masks be required?

Masks will be required to be worn both indoors and outdoors.

Is Covid testing or vaccination required to attend the Retreat?

A record of vaccination or a negative Covid PCR test within 4 days of the Retreat will be required to attend.

Is the programming inside or outside?

Most of the programming will be outside.

Will hand sanitizer be available?

Yes, hand sanitizer will be available.

How will snacks and meals be served to limit exposure?

Snacks and meals will be served in a manner consistent with limiting exposure of foods.

Will there be daily monitoring of participants health, ie temperature checks or other health screenings?

There will be daily Health screening and daily temperature checks before entering the building and each morning before activities.

Can we leave the venue over the course of the Retreat?

The Retreat is designed to keep everyone on location to limit outside exposure. There will be free time for walks and hikes however we do not want participants to leave the venue for other activities.

Will staff be screened for Covid?

Staff will be screened for Covid the same as all participants.

If I am high-risk, is it safe for me to attend?

At this point in time, the World Health Organization recommends that anyone who is high risk not travel or expose themselves unnecessarily to large groups or gatherings.

What is the total number of people, including staff, expected at the Retreat?

The total number of people, including Momentum staff, is expected to be between 60-80 people.

If I live nearby, can I attend the Retreat and sleep at home?

To limit exposure and fully enjoy the Retreat experience, it is expected that participants sleep at the hotel where the Retreat is located. However, we will evaluate the situation in each city.

What if I cannot afford the full registration fee. Is there a discounted rate available?

These retreats are highly subsidized, and we cannot offer any discounted rates.

What if I must cancel last minute, do I get a refund?

Cancellations prior to 30 days before the Retreat, they will receive a refund of the registration fee minus a $100 cancellation fee. Cancellations from 30 days before the Retreat will not receive a refund. If you cancel for a Covid related reason within 30 days, you will receive a credit for another Momentum program.

What if I must leave in the middle of the Retreat due to an emergency, will I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a refund.

What is the refund policy?

Registration can be canceled with a refund minus a $100 cancellation fee until 30 days before the Retreat. After this date, we cannot provide a refund. If you cancel for a Covid related reason within 30 days, you will receive a credit for another Momentum program.

If Momentum cancels the conference, will I receive a refund?

If Momentum must cancel retreat for any reason, participants will receive a full refund.


Choose your Journey

For Jewish mothers with children age 18* and under

FREE (excl. airfare)

Each woman receives a $3700 scholarship

Partner organization contributes $700 per woman

The Israeli Government contributes $700 per woman

To participate in the Momentum Year-Long Journey, women must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application

*For 2021, applicants may have children ages 21 and under to participate


Mainly for the husbands of Momentum sisters

$900 for Momentum husbands

Each man get a scholarship of $2,100-$2,400

Partner Organization contributes $700 per man

The Israeli Government does not contribute to the Men’s Trips

To participate, men must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application


Momentum Grand is an exclusive, transformational, spiritual, and uplifting journey for women looking to invest in themselves and help us continue to build the Momentum movement.

The trip begins in Tel Aviv on Monday, May 9, and ends on Monday, May 16, 2022.

Please note: This trip is not subsidized.